Saturday, January 29, 2011

snow fatigue
even for me, a hardy New Englander
We shovel paths all around the yard
to give our dog Libby some room to run
and to get to grill, the kindling stash, up the back stairs
the front door, the back door
All these paths remind me of a childhood game my sisters, brother and I
called Witch
We would spend hours raking leaves in the autumn
to create paths in the back yard and to make houses
then we would play...
it was like tag; you could only run on the paths
and you were only safe in your house
if you were caught at a dead end
off to jail you would go and could only be rescued by being tagged.
Hours of fun...and a little raking too.
this path to the wood pile,
where two roads diverged...which one one to take...
and a few loops for extra fun
the snowy world from Libby's eyes
as she runs down a corridor of snow
that's the garden - you can just see the tops of the fence posts
and more snow next week!


Miss Is said...

woah, woah, woah! not even that much snow in Boston! a true winter wonderland xo

pve design said...

My do is having a hard time....he does not know what to do...we go for walks and he just looks so confused....
too much snow....