Tuesday, January 4, 2011

This is my mother back in 1985.
She looks so happy and full of sparkle.
She died 25 years ago today.
This photograph makes me smile.
We were fooling around in my Aunt Brenda's pool.
I was taking loads of photos because I wanted to create
a photocollage in the style of
David Hockney.

Look carefully at this photocollage and you will see how Hockney
created this one picture with dozens of photos.

He experimented with these designs between 1982-1987
and he called them joiners.

I was fresh off an art history program in London
where I learned all about David Hockney
and was excited to create my own joiner.

I never made the montage
but I came across these photos when my sister asked me to dig
for old photographs so she could create a
computer photo frame for our father.

Dad loved seeing all the old pics.

Last year I did a wonderful post on my mother
and how she inspired me
and still inspires me - click here.

I think about her often
wonder how different life would be if she had lived a long full life.
I am almost the same age as she was when she died.
Hard to believe.
I miss you.


Purple Flowers said...

A lovely post about a lovely lady. I am sure she is around you and smiling at you.

Miss Is said...

Fun, joyful pictures...I know Jean Marie is smiling down on you today, as she does everyday...proud of her daughter and all her hard work...and confident that she'll continue to find her way, even when the going's tough. From a daughter who loves her own mother just as ardently and from whom she derives just as much inspiration xoxox Miss Is

Nantucket Mermaid said...

Your Mom looks like she was having fun in those pics....A nice way to remember her! I'm a Jean Marie, too! Happy New Year and hope to see you out this way again SOON!