Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I was never a fan of the big box book stores. I am not surprised that they are having a hard time.
Some Connecticut book stores that I enjoy are places like Diane's Books in Greenwich and R. J. Julia's in Madison. Other book shops I like are a Bunch of Grapes in Edgartown, Nantucket Bookworks or Concord Bookshop, all in Massachusetts. Whenever I travel, I find a bookshop and explore the shelves. I also explore online, like the Tattered Cover Book store in Colorado.

Just look at the difference in the logos.
I love walking around independent bookstores, reading the labels that the staff place on the shelves, asking for suggestions, looking at the masses of books piled on the floor at Diane's ( a sight to behold). A lot of other people like it too because these book shops are still in business.
At Christmas and birthdays, I always support the independents when buying books as presents. These days I am a heavy user of the library; in fact I always have been a huge library fan, even during my days in NYC. There was a nice library in midtown not far from my office. When I moved to the Connecticut town where I now live, one of the first things I checked out was the library. I couldn't imagine living in a place with a mediocre library. Our library is wonderful. It is a vibrant, busy place with people of all ages using its books and services. It is a happy place. . Reading Jonathan Franzen's Freedom and The Sun Also Rises now.

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Miss Is said...

Right-o on the merits of independent bookstores--they are like little treasure troves, always with some new gem of a book to discover. Thanks for turning me into a bookstore and library lover at such a young age! Just cracked a new one open, myself--Brideshead far, so good! xoxo