Friday, March 18, 2011

This cabinet was at the NYIGF and featured on Stylebeat's blog.
It reminded me of a post from Pigtown Design - Meg keeps her shoes in a repurposed steel cabinet not unlike this one.

I thought this cabinet would make a fun post, if I could decipher the message on the cabinet in the painted signal flags, but it turned out to be futile.
I tried to read the painted signal flags above using a reference card that was tucked in my needlepoint bag (Why was the reference card in my needlepoint bag? More on that later.)
I think the artist took some artistic license because all I could figure out is below.

row 1: z _ _
row 2: _ _ j
row 3: mix
row 4: l
row 5: p
row 6: z _ n

Is anyone better at translating these signal flags. An atta girl or atta boy if you figure the signals out and maybe a prize.

I know a little bit about signal flags. A couple of years ago I was a needlepoint fantatic creating dozens of signal flag needlepoint coasters for my father and several other family members - Using signal flags, I stitched names and initials on sets of coasters for various family members to use on their desks (Dad's below), summer houses and boats. It was a fun project; I could finish the coasters quickly and derived almost weekly satisfaction in the completion of another coaster. Therefore, a satisfying project... See a couple of the finished projects below. My thanks to my special aunts for their inspiration, instruction and reference card!!!

The coaster on Dad's desk.
Spells the first letter of each town where Dad has lived.
Second one, well used, in the kitchen, coffee stains and all.
Dad's initials with a j for Jr.

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