Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Earlier this week I showed you some of the fabrics for MRR Design's Spring collection.
I mentioned that geometrics are popular in design circles today - to prove my point, check out the boxes by Jonathan Adler at the 2011 NY Intl Gift Fair below - just like some of the geometric fabrics I will use this spring.
And maps, they have been growing in popularity. I have a wonderful collection of maps; the walls in the room that I call my own are plastered with maps. I did a blog piece last year on the popularity of maps and choose a fun map fabric for the spring line and then I found another popular item from the NY Intl Gift Fair - map table from Oomph...
Good things go around and around.
Images above from Good Bones Great Pieces

and just today
Mrs. Blandings looks at all the geometric pillow designs

image below from John Robshaw

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