Friday, March 25, 2011

A post for my darling daughter miss is - happy birthday sweetie pie.
I hope you get to see this film.
It is playing in Central Square in April.
love m xoxo

I cannot wait to see this documentary. Miss Is and I are fans of "On the Street" and this film is all about Bill Cunningham as he is "on the street". If you do not know Bill, he is an 80 year old style photographer for the New York Times and rides around Manhattan on a bicycle to capture the street styles and fashions. I have never actually seen him in action, but if I spent more time around 5th and 57th my chances of a sighting would be greatly improved.

I want to be riding my bicycle at age 80!

The Sunday Styles is one of my favorite sections of the Sunday Times; yes, I do read the other news, and I love the book review, but I devour the style section. Delicious, as Diana Vreeland would say.

Click here to find out more about Bill Cunningham and the documentary

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