Friday, April 29, 2011

This cracked me up!
Or as the newspaper article claimed: "it will have you in stitches"
Photograph credit, KG, fellow Wilton Knitwit, part-time London resident.

My fellow knit wit friend KG, has the knack of tracking down the most interesting knitting, crafting, needlework books and events and such. Just a few weeks ago KG attended the Stitch and Craft show in London where she came across the lovely author Fiona Goble who wrote a Knit Your Own Royal Wedding. The author and her talk were both delightful with amazing knitted royals in attendance as well. The Today Show was shooting a segment with the author and asked Kris if she would be interviewed too - because they heard she was an American - I have not found the interview yet but I am on the hunt and will air right here when and if I find it.
Click on the Daily Mail to see all the pics of the Knitted Royal Wedding - a hoot -

I did not quite get what Kris was talking about until I saw the pictures.

Enjoy your day at the wedding via the tube. I did not watch Diana's but I will be up early today in Virginia, where I am working at a boutique, Daisy Days in Richmond. Thank goodness the time zones are in my favor so that I can catch a good portion of the wedding before the boutique opens.
Rococo Chocolates designed a special chocolate box in honour of
the wedding.
The painting inspired by an imagined proposal by Prince William to Miss Kate.
By the way, Rococo has the most amazing chocolates,
located on the King's Road in London.
It was a haunt of mine when I lived there;
I limited my purchase to three truffles at a time
and savored every morsel.

Pastel Royal Wedding Map via JCB

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