Friday, April 8, 2011

with photographer Vicki Topaz on her new book: Silent Nests. The interview is interesting and the photographs are beautiful, however, it was the author's description of a book that she is currently working on that captivated me; the book is called Silver: A State of Mind - here is what she says about it.

Diane Dorrans Saeks: What are you working on now?
Vicky Topaz: My current work, entitled ‘Silver: A State of Mind’, is a series of portraits of women who possess one of the most distinctive outward signs of aging--silvering hair. The project deals with the transformative and challenging aspects of aging and aims to reveal the core energy, vitality and allure of these women and how they are moving through this time in their lives. I find the silvering of hair is an entry point to a diversity of thoughts and ideas on the subject. This is a different sort of "landscape"--women who are aging and the vistas they inhabit.

So today, my birthday, I am reflecting on my age. Awhile back I made the decision not to change the color of my hair - I am aging as God intended - silver sparkles in my hair now. I like it and I love the idea that "the silvering of hair is an entry point to a diversity of thoughts and ideas on the subject".

When I turned 50 my dear friend June said to me: "50 allows us to say and think whatever we want - we have earned it". So silver shots in my hair and lots of years, I have earned it. And you know what? All the hairdressers love my shimmery silver - mixed in with my light brown.

And my body thanks me for it - no chemicals. And Mother Earth thanks me too.

Read this NYT piece by Dominque Browning of Slow Love Life blog. It is about long hair on older women but also about graying hair.

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Corinne said...

Good for you! Post photos, please, to give the rest of us strength to follow suit! I am working up the courage but pluck those gray suckers
out one at a time, hoping they'll grow back with my natural color (so far no luck!)