Monday, April 11, 2011

A few weeks back I started to tell you about a woman who designed
perfect little houses
"in scale houses".
Her name was Barbara Garfield.
The houses are all clustered together in a seaside community in Connecticut
called Rowayton.
I was finally able to get some photos
and here is an old article about her work

Each summer we attend Shakespeare on the Sound;
the production is staged in on a grassy hill next to the Five Mile River,
across the street from Jo's Way, the cluster of houses
designed by Barbara "Jo" Garfield.
And each year I peak through the hedges to get a better view
of these tiny treasures.
I love the long windows, french doors and compact and efficient size.
Her houses were generally 1600 sq ft.

I am a small house person; my house is 1,500 sq. ft
and it is just right.
My little antique has been home for 20 years.

Finally Americans are learning that big is not always better.
The country seems to be in a downsize mode these days.
The pendulum is swinging.

Barbara was ahead of her time.
She started designing these houses in the 80's
as "a reaction to the McMansions",
soon to be the white elephants of the 21st century.

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pve design said...

I love her work. I saved the same clippings.