Saturday, February 28, 2009

winter will not go away
spring temps to be followed by snow & slush

so i am going to flashback to 
summer fun 
at the nj shore
in august 2008
where we amused ourselves with an experiment
in public behavior

we got the idea from a California blogger,
who got the idea from an Atlanta blogger,
and then swissmiss talked about
about joanna who left two cameras on nyc benches this week
i guess she got the idea from atlanta via san fran
how many other people ...
our experiment: august 2008, nj shore
left a note in a plastic bag with a disposable camera
 invited passers-by to take pictures and
leave a note
put the bag in a public place
first bag was stolen
made us sad
kept checking during the next 24 hours
on one surveillance misson we saw kids having a lot of fun taking pictures

visit tomorrow to see the pictures that we got back
try it with your kids on your next school break