Sunday, March 1, 2009

As you will remember from yesterday's post,

We did an experiment last summer.
We left a camera and a note on a bench
to see how the public would behave.

This was first done by The Plug in Atlanta and in Toyko
and maybe even a Kodak commercial.

It was so much fun. 

I never posted the pictures 
so here today to cure the winter blahs
are the pictures taken by strangers
on a hot summer day at the seashore

bike-riding, the great summer past-time
check out these bikes
big fat tires - big comfy seat - fun colors - 
makes me happy 

here is the poem
 that we left with camera
yes, a little dorky, but we, mostly me, thought it was funny.
it was just so silly
makes me laugh still!
see the notes we received:
"this is fun" 
"good idea but someone is going to take it"

yes, someone took the first camera by the beach
but we tried again...

and drumroll please
 pictures from our experiment

pretty girl with cockeyed smile
was she making a funny face for the boy she was babysitting for?
barefoot and carefree
 what boy can leave a big stick on the ground?

java mom

cute kids in mocha shirts
some of the adolescent behavior


1 comment:

Jennifer Paganelli said...

wow and it wasn't stolen...bravo!!
extremely clever.