Monday, June 22, 2009

Lady Slipper from garden of earthly delights - 
taken at RDC during the Squam Art Workshops.

I can still remember seeing my first lady slipper
as a young girl,
while playing in the woods 
in the Boston suburbs. 
A lady who was hiking nearby saw me admiring the flower 
and told me it was a rare flower
and warned me never to pick a Lady Slipper,
even if it was for my mother.

The next Lady Slipper I saw was about 35 years later while
hiking in New Preston, Connecticut
with my daughter who was almost the same age as I 
when I first discovered the flower.

Round and round the circle goes.

The Lady Slipper is the state wild flower of New Hampshire.

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Purple Flowers said...

So delicate and beautiful!