Saturday, June 6, 2009

Luncheon with a blog friend.

This was a first for me: meeting a "cyber-friend", to use Elizabeth's moniker...

I discovered Elizabeth through Pigtown*Design, who saw Elizabeth at a festival and then blogged about her beautiful felted accessories.  I planned to link to the Pigtown*Design post, but after a futile search for the post, I gave up.  

Elizabeth designs beautiful felted scarves, throws, shawls.

Gorgeous work - take a peak at her work here: The Felted Garden

So after a few months of commenting back and forth, we decided to meet for coffee/lunch since we lived in the same neck of the woods.   While we were enjoying a delicious lunch and I was admiring Elizabeth's new work, a friend of Elizabeth's stopped and was introduced as a fellow blogger:  MajorKnitter.

And do you know, I recognized the blogger name; I discovered her blog a year or two - she is a wonderful knitter who lives locally and frequents the same knitting shop.  

So small world even in this very expansive internet space!

Enjoy your weekend - I am off to the studio - got a few new things in the works for the Sis Boom show - so imagine me here:

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