Wednesday, June 17, 2009

teaser to add to yesterday's post.
more fabrics that i am thinking about for the fall line.
can i buy them all?
wish i could see a larger swatch of these two botanicals
this brown scroll looks nice
very nice blue brown
mingle in autumnal tones
i wonder about his one
too much olive?
i like the trees; good for a college dorm

more colorful greens
and pinks
blues are always a favorite
this is nice in pink
and in lime green
i like this one but orange is always a tough sell
but maybe paired with the pink it will be ok
any comments?
more limeade

this is called fruit salad
it reminds me of the blueberries and blackberries that I ate for breakfast

love, love, love
for memento boards because the print is soooo big
last but never least
sis boom
more sis boom
always a great seller
this one is hot

this reminds me of playing cards

and this looks delicious

so many decisions

1 comment:

pve design said...

For Fall - I have always loved autumnal colors and olive green...I would love to see some menswear fabrics, like flannel, houndstooth, denim, mole-skin, khaki ---pinstripes...and then some splashy prints.