Tuesday, June 30, 2009

No rain on Sunday

Tent left over from a shindig the night before.

Ambler Farm: one of my favorite places.

To celebrate the fine day -
the first day sans rain in ages,
miss is suggested a picnic

then a walk.
This is heaven for Libby.

Her ears flapping in the wind,

looks like she could take flight.

Here is our double figure 8 loop
and looking back.

I just love the lollipop trees.

We picked dessert right off the blackberry bushes.

headed for the second loop
watched these gorgeous butterflies connect

then visited the animals

new chickies - I counted 28
Libby loves the new lambies
they're old friends now

Next weekend: the garden.
We buy wonderful organic veggies here all summer.

This is where the knit wits scarecrow will reside.


Isabel Ruane said...

Yippppeeeeeee!!! This is such a happy, sunny summer post! I love picnics and I love you mom! xoxo
"Miss Is"

pve design said...

O lovely spot!

JR said...

Very pleasant, indeed!