Tuesday, June 24, 2008

i am so excited

by kirtsy editor, kareym,

who is also the author of the clever, entertaining, thought provoking blog,

thanks karey!

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madras, turquoise, hot pink and kiwi...stop. you had me at madras...

www.etsy.com ― these make me happy. i can picture them in a fresh white cottage or anyplace cheerful. tiny shop with a huge future, don't you think? more...

 kareym ― posted 5 hours ago

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this boost comes at a very good time because i 

received the dreaded thin envelope the other day

but i am ok with it now

one door closes and another opens

here is my open door

funny how life works out

let's see what happens next

my etsy shop and my business, mrr design, are like the

 little engine that could...

i am going to keep chugging up the hill

hugs, hugs, hugs to karey m in jordan

fuel from the middle east!



karey m. said...

fuel from the middle east?! that could be my new tagline!

at least you didn't use gas. eek.

Marnie said...

very funny karey - you're a gas

pve design said...

woo hoo! wind in your sales! keep on chuggin!