Friday, June 20, 2008

Show and tell is almost finished 
just want to inspire any of you readers out there

journals do not need to be elaborate
all you need is a little organization

a place to put some pictures
and a few words
these hiking pictures are terrific
when Isabel hiked in the White Mountains as a camper 
she stayed in the AMC huts.
(Appalachian Mountain Club) 
The huts have guest books and 
Isabel found my name from 1970 when I stayed in the Madison Hut 
as a hiker with Camp Asquam

kinda cool - 

it makes it so easy to tell stories later
you know how kids love to hear stories about their parents
prompts like pictures and words help spur the memories
they did become a bit of chore for Isabel as she grew up
it became a "mom thing" 
oh well -
glad we have the early ones

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