Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Travel Journals
a how-to project

Here is a project for any of you going on fun adventures to new places.
It is so easy to make one of these very special journals.

You don't need any fancy supplies,
just construction paper, lined paper and a manilla envelope. 

 Paris 1999

Anybody can make these fun travel journals
do the writing on the trip and add the bits and pieces later.

Collect all your ticket stubs, maps, pamphlets, napkins etc 
and save in a large manilla envelope

use a glue stick and construction paper
then cover each sheet with laminating paper

hole punch and tie together with ribbon or twine. 
The rough garden twine looked good 10 years ago, 
but over time, but it  started to disintegrate
so ribbon is probably a better choice

So easy and a wonderful record of a great trip
memories stay alive 
my daughter can't wait to go back to Paris
she is quite a francophile now
and her french is very good
so much better than my school 
girl french was on our trip

we went again the next year - but
 we cannot find the journal - i hope it turns up...
isabel had her first sleep-over in France - 
the bedroom window looked out on the Eiffel Tower
man oh man - what a lucky girl

London 1997 

Isabel is holding up Sly - a beloved beanie baby (remember them)
We lost him on a rainy day on our way to the Museum of Natural History.
A kind soul, probably another mother, plucked him from a puddle
and placed him on a bannister
We retraced our steps and we were almost ready to give up when I turned around
voila, Sly, waiting for us at that very spot.

the ever present umbrella
Isabel and I had a pact: something for mom, something for Is
usually, a playground, then a fabric store,
the zoo, then a fabric store...

love the spelling

fort in the hotel
and the best part of all, the double-decker bus
always the top and the seat in the front
we were regulars on the #22
tried to get 
a fun Christmas card photo at Nelson's Column

London 1996
The journals were much less elaborate in the beginning
a few words 
mostly pictures

but still lots of fun to look at as a teenager



pve design said...

Really wonderful memories! Perhaps your daughter will be a writer or blog about it one day. I wonder!

littlebyRD said...

I love the fort in the hotel! What wonderful books. I think I will have to do this for our next trip. Thank you for posting the how-to!

diana @ please sir said...

Great ideas!