Monday, June 16, 2008

summer journals
so much fun to read years later

School's out
Summer's here
lots of sun and fun in the months ahead, 
swimming, biking, hiking,
tennis, sailing,

As soon as my daughter could write I started making her summer journals.
I now sell them at Sea Beans in Wilton, Connecticut 
and through my etsy shop.

Here are some photos of the journal.
The photos are not the best quality,
but you get the idea

clear plastic to protect the cover 
lots of fill-in the blanks 
easy to write - fun to read years later
especially fun to see the changes in penmanship 
and activities of interest
today's buzz page 
writing prompts from the writing wizard

A map to mark the States in books that your child reads
or the States that you visit on your summer vacation.
Draw a map of your travels.
Sorry, international folks, a world map next year.
this was always a favorite - chart the high temperature of the day
and draw a graph at the end of the summer
We also recorded the high and low temperature each day
and then figured the average
good for the math skills!

Tomorrow I will show you the camp journals 
and then later in the week... 
guess you will just have to come back and visit!


pve design said...

I want some! Those are so great! What a wonderful Mum you are!

Fifi Flowers said...

WOW... good idea... I don't think my boys would go for it... bummer!

Pigtown-Design said...

What a great idea. My parents took all of my siblings and their spouses and kids to england for six weeks, and they made everyone keep journals. they're such fun to look at all these years later.