Monday, June 9, 2008

Sea Beans - interior 

Sizzlin' hot and the livin' is easy - July jumped June - 
studio, aka garage, is an oven tonight  
but got a little done.
I have a couple of special orders from one of my favorite shops,
sea beans in wilton, connecticut

This year my business has grown bigger and better 
and it would not have happened without the help of lots of people.
I told you all about Jennifer of Sis Boom fame yesterday.
Thanks again Jennifer for your boost. 
I was thrilled to participate in your show.

I want to introduce you to another person 
who has been instrumental to the growth of my business:
Robin Sherman of Sea Beans fame. 
Robin is tucked into the back corner of the picture below.

Robin is a lovely person and a brilliant artist.
She has a wonderful style and can paint anything your heart desires.
Robin will do custom painting for you on
a bean bag
a picture frame
a picnic basket
a mirror
a treasure box

check out the Sea Bean's website to see Robin's work.
Robin is painting two bean bags for me now.
I will post pictures when they are done.
They are going to look something like the bags pictured below

How nice is this for a beach bag!

or a bag for the lake.

I have been selling my work at Sea Beans since the shop  opened in 2005. 
Prior to selling at Sea Beans I sold my work exclusively at charitable boutiques
and the sales were usually confined to the months leading up to the holidays.
Now I have sales all year long - 
this has not only filled the coffers but forced me to be
more organized and efficient.
Selling wholesale also prompted me to make some 
improvements to the product, which, 
in turn, helped to grow the sales even more.

Now I am proud to say that I am in six different boutiques 
in the Northeast and in Chicago,
with plans to be in more stores this summer.

Thanks Robin for getting me started.
Robin's shop showcases lots of other local talent.
You can always find something fun, unique, and cheerful in this 
wonderful shop.


pve design said...

Fun things are so worth giving a hill of beans about!
Looks like a fun shop to peruse! Would be hard to walk away empty handed!

Try the "Vornado" Fan to cool off while working in your garage/workroom! Works well at circulating air.

hazel said...

Hi Marnie, I love these frames! I saw them a while back and haven't stopped thinking about them. Out of the box idea! I also love the illustration that PVE did for you. She is another talented lady I've been blessed to meet! Have a great day!

Nantucket Mermaid said...

I am lucky enough to work in the basement where it is super cool...but I have to sit near a heater in the winter. It's nice to see your progress! Now you need a shop on Nantucket to sell your frames....stay cool!