Tuesday, June 17, 2008

still reading...

kids can't get enough when it comes to reading about themselves
or looking at old photographs

Summer Camp

When my daughter started to go away to summer camp
I created a camp journal each summer.

It is so much fun to reread these journals.
You see how your camper grows 
summer to summer.

I loved summer camp 
and so did my daughter.

I gave camp journals to friend's daughters when they were about
to embark on their first camp experience.

I think the campers liked them; I know the mothers did.

So I decided to create more and sell them.
You can find them at Sea Beans in Wilton
along with the Summer Journals for the younger children,
or through my etsy shop.

create your very own record
of summer fun near the mountains, lakes or oceans 
food in the dining hall you liked and disliked
activities you liked and disliked
camp traditions
and l0ts of room for doodles, pictures, badges, awards


diana @ please sir said...

What a great idea - wish I had one of those!

littlebyRD said...

These are so wonderful Marnie! I only have a couple of photos from my summer camp days - What a great gift you've given your daughter!