Thursday, November 13, 2008

Check out the faded oriental carpet
on the cover of this month's domino.

Now check out some of the carpets in my house.

Makes me feel almost stylish!

I love the faded worn look and have them all over my house.
Most of them came from my grandmother and grand aunts.

The carpet pictured above was on my Aunt Mary and Aunt Alice's sunporch,
maybe that's why it is so faded.
Now it has a new life in my living room.

The "good" rugs were scooped up by someone else.

The rug, desk, chair and picture frame all came from my
Grandmother.  She even needlepointed the chair seat.

The rug above has a big hole, 
but it is on my side of the bed so I am the only one who sees it regularly.

I mentioned my wedgewood-like tin with the Greek goddesses,
there it is on the bookcase.

I love my cozy house
and all the old stuff from family and my treasure hunts.
This rug came with d.h., not sure of its "provenance".
 I found treasures at auctions estate sales or antique stores
 that I will showcase another day.
Of course, one person's treasure is someone else's junk!


annechovie said...

Your home looks so cozy and inviting, Marnie! The old. sentimental, worn pieces are the best! It's amazing how when people die, you see the true colors of greedy relatives who like to take what they consider to be "the best stuff" and swoop down on the belongings of the deceased before their body is even cold! So sad, but many times the meaningful stuff is overlooked by them and reaped by more patient souls, right? ;>)Your inherited pieces are beautiful and full of character. Good for you!

corine @ hidden in france said...

Wow wow, your treasure would be my treasure too. You are so Domino chic!