Saturday, November 1, 2008

Friday night dinner made easy

I have written about my friend Charlotte at Appleseed Farm
many times since this blog's inception.
Charlotte developed her idea of a pie in jar
into a successful business,
called Pour-a-Pie.
She earned the 2008 County Living Woman Entrepreneur of the Year award.
To my delight, two jars of Charlotte's famous pie in a jar
arrived at my doorstep a couple days ago.
Thanks Charlotte.

I was exhausted after a fun day in NYC 
with college friends who now live in Chicago and Massachusetts

My perfect solution to a long day. 
I ordered pizza and 
 simply poured the cherry filling into the pie crust.
A wonderful almond smell wafted out of the jar.
Friday is the night that I can cheat. 

delicious pie and pizza with my favorite Brigham's ice cream

even diet coke - which I never buy.

finished product
Pie and ice cream 
while I wait for the trick or treaters.
Only one this year and a whole bowl of candy!
We live on a windy, woody, street with no sidewalks.



Fifi Flowers said...

I LOVE the EASY factor! Something I might be willing to bake!

Alkemie said...

WOW, the Pies look absolutely amazing. I'm totally drooling!


Farm Girl said...

Glad you enjoyed the pie. Just a quick thanks for all the nice things you have blogged in the past. Thanks so much