Saturday, November 15, 2008

These boys had the table next to me at my recent show.

Noah and Toby U------
hence their business name: NUT Ties
the boys attend a school that requires them to wear a tie everyday

cute kids
capitalists in the making
they wanted to make some money and came up with a tie idea
(I am guessing their Mother came up with tie idea)

busy organizing the table
goofing around
they lost focus after awhile

their mother stayed out of site
it was their gig 

I got all the details - their pitch - how they got started -
they sold some of their toys on ebay
invested the proceeds in the business
selected ribbon for the clip-on bow ties
ordered long ties from a tie manufacturer
and now they are hustling ties at holiday boutique.
The ladies who shop cannot resist these cute kids.
I think sales are pretty good.

10% of their sales go to a scholarship fund at their school 
 then they split the balance 
 each boy must save 50% of their share 
 can spend the other 50% however they wish. 

A fun way to put math lessons to work.
profit $100 - $10 = $90 / 2 = $45 
$45 / 2 = $22.50 for the piggy bank and $22.50 for stuff

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