Monday, November 17, 2008

tee shirt scarves

as seen on design sponge

I made a bath mat using the same technique.
The mat has gone through the washer and dryer dozens of times
and it has held up beautifully.
It is wonderfully cushy under foot.

Fiber from our old tee shirts - really!
Start from the bottom and cut a 1/2" strip and go 'round and 'round
from the bottom of the tee shirt to the arm pits
then start cutting the next tee shirt.

The only suggestion I would make
 is to stitch the ends of each tee shirt strip together.
This would eliminate the little ends that you see sticking out.

The strip cutting exercise is not as tedious as you might think.

Good present for the holidays because:
1) fast - you don't have much time left
 2) cheap - everybody is conserving their $
 3) recycled fiber - green - you will be so with it!
 Hits all the themes of this season

I used a size #19 round needle

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