Monday, April 6, 2009

happy blog day to me

a backwards look

magical thinking jar

pictures first
a short commentary at the end
so scroll all the way to the bottom 

happy blog day to me
one year
and 212 posts
countless hours
loads of fun
lots of learning
plenty of frustation
a whole new world
thanks to everyone who has helped me find my way
thanks to everyone who puts up with my blog talk
thanks to everyone who gives me encouragement
thanks to everyone who reads what I write
i never would have guessed i would have this much to say.

here's a link to my very first post.
i thought about creating a blog for months, 
but couldn't take the leap.
i just couldn't imagine who would be interested
and was afraid to try, but
insomnia and worry kept me up at one night,
so i simply started the blog. 
i figured that i needed to focus on something entirely different
as a way to relieve stress.
it worked.

what a year it has been...
the blog has been good for business
and life is busy...
here's hoping 2009 will be easier
stay tuned and you will find out.

thanks for visiting...


pve design said...

Wow. One year already! I am so proud of you. I do love your frames, they are so happy and easy to put little notes or photos in... your posts always have me thinking, creating, crafting and pushing forward.
I am so thrilled that we met and are blog buddies!
Wishing you a happy One Year Mark!

Betsy Powers said...

happy blogaversary from betsy!

it was a perfect day for blogging--wet and rainy. loved seeing all the photos for the photo album layed out.

thanks for including the painting of ny times and take-away coffee cup. I always spot them in TV shows set in Manhattan--glen close had one on Damages recetly.


annechovie said...

Congratulations, Marnie! That is such a milestone...hope you enjoy many more happy and successful years blogging! It's been a joy "meeting" you!

liz said...

Congratulations! I love your images and hope that you have many, many more years of creative posts.

Sabina said...

Yes, happy blog day to you Marnie!!
Great post - loved it all!!

Robin said...

Happy Blogoversary Plus 1! Hard to believe it has been one year and so happy to have "met" you way back all those posts ago... two newbies muddling through... looking for another creative outlet and wondering if anyone (besides us) will read it... look at us now!

Pigtown-Design said...

COngrats! you do such a wonderful job! xoxo