Tuesday, April 14, 2009

is peace of
mind which is a
direct result of self
satisfaction in knowing 
you made the effort to do the
best of which you are capable.
John Wooden


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I tried to embed this video clip but the embedding feature was disabled.
Trust me,
this you-tube clip is worth watching.

Susan Boyle performed on April 11, 2009 
on Britain's Got Talent Show
and 3 days later this you-tube video clip had 3.7 million hits
(and growing rapidly)

I also listened to John Wooden on Swissmiss
click on link above
good stuff


corine said...

Seriously, she made me happy for the entire day. This is such a revenge of the nerd moment. I've often fantasized I had a hidden talent like hers I'm still hoping to discover one :-)

My Notting Hill said...

Love that you posted on this. I watched it about 20 times on Monday and made my kids watch it a few times too.

pve design said...

My eyes were all gooey and a bit wet as I watched this, not once but several times. I always love people who are just who they are and happy following a dream.
I hope she sings for the Queen.

Nantucket Mermaid said...

Hi Marnie...I ,too, found this on Mrs. Blanding's blog and watched it a dozen times andthought aboutall day! What an incredable story...and a dandy little woman! xo

liz said...

This was wonderful! My husband had me look at this the other night. I hope she goes all the way!