Saturday, April 4, 2009

Last week I told you about my father's 80th birthday.

Here is granddaughter S reading a poem written by daughters P & B.

And Dad having a grand time with my sister P, hostess of the evening.
Thanks P & T - it was a wonderful party.

A corner view.

A few of the grandchildren all grown-up.

And a look back at the grandchildren at the 70th birthday party.

Looks like they were having fun.
And even as teenagers they still had fun at Grampa's party.

The 70th birthday poem with moi and miss is.

And here is the scrapbook preparation -
man there were a lot of pictures
but it came out great
and everyone had fun looking at all the old pics.

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pve design said...

Just fab! Turning older and still having fun!
Love all those old pics!