Wednesday, April 22, 2009

 In honor of EARTH DAY

via swissmiss again (4/5/09)
I can't help it. 
She posts such great stuff,
I must forward it along.
Maybe many of you readers already read swissmiss?
but for those who don't...

(click here to enlarge for readability)

This manifesto is the same as my mantra:
use it up 
make it do 
do without

and it really drives d.h. crazy
but it make so much sense.

Check out the repair manifesto in action in my world:

Torn on the back from hanging on the hook for so many years, 
so I had some new fabric sewn on top of the rips.
Good as new!

Miss Is loves these red engines
so we have patched and patched the knee tears

TV Table
This was an old sewing table that someone gave to me.
I painted it black,
cut a circle out of plywood and painted it black too,
added a piece of glass
and some fun black ball fringe.


d.h. said...

Could have shown the TV itself. d.h.

pve design said...

I love to repair and bring new life to things, I call it "maintenance!" Some people let things go til they are broke, throw out and start new. I like things that have a story and get better with "repair."

Nantucket Mermaid said...

I love the sewing table idea, especially the fringe!