Thursday, April 9, 2009

not the child's toy
but these fun circles sewn with scraps of fabric

You have seen quilts made with hundreds of these yo-yos.
Sis Boom has a tutorial.
I read it - but decided I needed to sit down with someone 
to figure out this yo-yo thing.

This winter I attended a how-to session offered by Ambler Farm.
A wonderful lady from the deep south
showed us how to make yo-yos.
Painstaking work but i figured it out.
I have a new appreciation for those yo-yo quilts.

modern take on Yo-Yos

new hair accessories as seen on habitually chic

and a painted version by Nantucket Mermaid
love the colors and organic shapes 

painted box above 

shrinky-dinks below
Jeanne turns these into fun pins and earrings


i keep seeing circles

crocheted jewelry as seen on Hidden in France

Preston Bailey's circle designs 

not sure where this lamp came from
it is made from cut-up plastic containers

sometimes i feel like i am chasing myself around in a circle

contemporary fashion yo-yos  

button wear

last but not least, circles of needlepoint 
stitched by moi as a special birthday present for d.h.


vicki archer said...

Fantastic yo-yo's. Happy Easter and have a wonderful weekend, xv.

pve design said...

Oh circles are one of my favorite shapes. I love the inspiration here. That belt is nice, and boys never tire of wheels.

Nantucket Mermaid said...

Didn't see this link before my last comment...Thanks! I just did another post on this very same thing.....circles in the air....xo

natalie jo said...

Loved this post! I'm still having a ball making yo-yo's but the idea of a full size quilt is definitly too intimidating...think I'll stick to the pincushions for now! Got to love that Nantucket Mermaid...her colors aslways make me smile.