Wednesday, December 9, 2009

google alerts
are a good way to learn what people are saying about you.

I just received a terrific alert:
all the way from a college student in Georgia,
who actually worked with my daughter in a local Connecticut ice cream shop
and knew nothing about my blog.
She happened by my blog by accident.
I would like to think it was a case of serendipity.
so thanks Claudine for the sweet post.

has lots of recommendations for other blog reading

Why the slinky?
It was invented through serendipity.
"The Slinky was invented by US Navy engineer Richard T. James after he accidentally knocked a torsion spring off his work table and observed its unique motion."
from Wikipedia


a. said...

I love Google Alerts!

Anonymous said...

Who doesn't love slinky? I never knew it was due to serendipity...wonder how many great inventions are? Maybe even google search!