Tuesday, December 1, 2009

ta - da
my latest creation

It is called the DREAM BOARD aka THE PAMELA
because my friend and fellow knit-wit gave me the idea
Thanks PAM

Mattress ticking with letters cut out of SIS BOOM fabric
in bright, fun, smashing colors
and bordered by a happy pink ribbon.

Pin up your Dreams for NOW, SOON & SOMETIME

You can use tacs or slip papers in between the ribbon and fabric
24 x 24
(photo is not the best)


pve design said...

A dear friend of mine has a "dream" book with images of all the things she loves - her family, friends and of far-away places to travel to...funny when we hold a vision of dreams in front of us, we are that much closer to realizing them.
Love this for a young girl or boy!

Kwana said...

Love it. A place for dreams is always good.