Monday, December 7, 2009


It is the latest entrepreneurial wave in retail.
The press has reported on many NYC POP UP stores

Here this month, gone next month.

Last year these two clever gals and entrepreneurs
noticed one empty storefront after another in Wellesley, Massachusetts.
They missed the fun, specialty stores.
So Pam Lofblad, above, and Jana Peretti, below, took a leap and created
a POP UP store last May.
It was such a success they have opened another
for the holiday shopping season
in downtown Wellesley.
Check out the link above.

You will find my frames there now too!
After a successful show in Chestnut Hill
and a nice weekend visiting family in Wellesley
I popped into the POP UP store to see if they needed any more merchandise.
And they did!!
The store was buzzing with activity - lots of great products
and each week the guest artists change, so keep going back.
Today, a group of carolers came to sing when I was there.
And there was a snow storm on Saturday night.
Sunday was beautiful with the fresh snow and brilliant blue, sunny skies.
I forgot my camera this weekend so no photos to share.

I did a little research and discovered that one of the earliest POP UPs was in San Francisco in 2003: LOCAL PATRON. Since then, lots of stores appeared and disappeared quickly in NYC, with the idea of generating buzz and excitement. It is also a way for local artists to display their work and for the local community to support the artists and entrepreneurs.

Here is how Pam and Jana describe their POP UP PLACE:

A Unique Boutique

What makes the Wellesley Holiday Boutique so special is our fabulous product lines and our amazing guest artists and designers. Every week we host different artists with exciting new merchandise... it's like a whole new store every week. Be sure to stop by often as you'll see something new every visit!

Support your local artists and become a LOCAL PATRON

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