Wednesday, December 2, 2009

This SIS BOOM extravaganza starts on Friday, Dec 3rd.
Don't miss it if you live in these parts:
40 East Meadow Road
Wilton, Connecticut

In addition to all the fun and whimsical SIS BOOM designs
you will find beautiful bed linens and equestrian riding pads
and of course plenty of great stuff by moi

and did you know,
the NYT had an article the other day about
the resurgence of the handcrafted, vintage and local objects...

"holiday gifts with a story to tell.... the human touch rules... merchants and makers of the decorative arts reported that anything that hints of the hand is hot" — “People are taking ‘buy local,’ one step further... what makes gifts in particular special is knowing there’s a person who made it and a story behind it. I think people want to buy things that tell stories, especially in an age when so few store-bought items tell stories.”

I think this article is spot on and points to all the wonderful, creative work that is available.
So here's hoping the local, handcrafted, products will bring joy to a lot of people this year.

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