Sunday, November 28, 2010

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about Pam Scott of Catch All.
We both participated in a Christmas boutique at the
Convent of the Sacred Heart
on East 91st in NYC.
It was called Christmas from the Heart.

There is also a gigantic
Christmas Tree Sale at the school.

Each vendor contributed a percentage of her sales to
Christmas from the Heart.
Together with all the money raised at the Christmas Tree sale,
the school was able to give back to the community
through various outreach projects.
The students learned the value of giving
to those in need
as they prepared and organized the sale.

I loved everything about this boutique.
The people, the charity, the venue,
the students.
And to top it off, I am a Sacred Heart girl myself.
as are others in my family.

I remember that the organizers asked me to bring some items
for the young girls to buy.
So I made marbled pencils.
I spent many evenings
cutting and wrapping and glueing
beautiful marble paper around pencils,
and on notebooks.
I still have a few left.
Makes me smile still.
I think I charged $1 for 3 pencils.

But back to the first show in December of 1991
at Convent of the Sacred Heart
on East 91st street, NYC
Christmas at the Heart.
I was still working
at a large NYC bank
and expecting Miss Is.
My plan was to build a business that I could operate from home
while being a mother.
It did not work out exactly that way
because I ended up working part-time for 17 years at another
big NYC bank
and running my business at the same time
while being a mother.
I was busy.
Still am.
But back to the story again...
It is boutique season again.
Next one on the docket is
Church of the Redeemer in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts
on December 3 and 4th

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