Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Better late than never, a photo of a jar of the soon-to-be-famous Pour-A-Pie

The hills are alive with the sound of music - that's what you will think of when you see the designs from another woman entrepreneur that I met in Chicago a 
few weeks back.  Tricia was also part of the group of women who "pitched their product" to a panel of editors from Country Living magazine.

Tricia Lowenfield of The Woodlands, Texas paints these wonderful wicker picnic hamper backpacks.  Each hamper is outfitted with unique cloth & leather backpack straps and a colorful fabric lining - the top has a cheerful painting done in a European style folk art - lots of red and pink - Inside each 
hamper is a picnic cloth, plates, napkins and cutlery - 

  Tricia also has published a sweet book entitled S is for Shepherd

Here are a few other photos from her website:

I chose this photo because I have a sister named Betsy and the print is titled "B is for Betsy"

and this girl because I have always liked the name Adelaide - this was on my list of names before dear sweet Isabel was born - this is "A is for Adelaide"


       and this boy because I like the title: Be Ye a Fisher of Men

      Check out Tricia's website:                      http://www.tricialowenfielddesign.com/index.html


Robin said...

Well done! and I love picnic baskets. Mine is red wicker (the fake kind that you can hose down if it gets wet or, more likely in my case, sticky) and I have pale green metal plates and deep green transluscent glasses, and real silverware. And a big thermos for martinis. Why use paper plates when you can have a classy picnic?

Little Pods Clothing said...

This is excellent! Great job on the pictures. I'd love to hear more about the pour-a-pie!