Monday, April 14, 2008

Ribbons, ribbons, ribbons... for as long as I can remember I have loved ribbon and making things.  My sisters and I always had big bows in our hair when we were dressed up, not as often when we were in our play clothes.  Look at those faces and those BOWS!

Guess which darling I am?

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  This is my little girl in her fancy outfit with a pretty bow.  Isabel wore a bow in her hair every day until 4th grade or so, when she deemed herself too big for a bow.  She still likes a long hair ribbon every once in a while in her 16 year old ponytail.

This portrait of Isabel was painted by Marianne Rothballer, a dear friend of my Aunt Marion. It is such a treasure and so beautiful.  She captured Isabel perfectly.    The color blue is actually a little stronger in person - but you can imagine.  Thanks Marion and Marianne.  Funny, those two names are just like mine - I was named Marion, after my grandmother and my aunt, but my mother spelled it "the french way" (that's what she always claimed), so it is spelled Marianne, to further confuse things I have always been known as Marnie.  And on top of all that my hubby's mother's name is Marianne!  

These are all Isabel's bows of childhood.  They still hang on the back of her door.


JR said...

Very pretty posts! Marnie, nice job getting your blog going. You are very brave on many levels. Keep up the good work!

Marnie said...

JR - Wow, you found me and my blog - thanks for the encouragement - you are brave too - forge ahead, chin up, xxoo m

Betsy Powers said...


wow--what a cute black and white photo--the bows are so huge they remind me of the Flying Nun's habit! A gust of wind could take us up and away--betsy

pve design said...

Are you the 2nd from the left?
Love that photo. The age of innocence and bows.