Tuesday, April 22, 2008


The little things you do add up.

Old Yankee saying:  Use it Up, Make it do, Do Without
The reworked version of this phrase for the 21st Century and
 environmentally conscious is 

My Grandmother always asked whatever child was visiting her at the beach to hang the laundry on the line.  She did not have a dryer at the beach.  "Who needs one with the wonderful breezes" I can hear her saying.   I really liked hanging the laundry and still do today when I have time.  I remember telling someone when we first bought our house that one of the things I was going to like best was having a clothesline - needless to say, the person thought I was a nut! But freshly laundered sheets on the line are hard to beat and you can save electricity.

Fun example of how any of you knitters can rework old tee shirts.
This bath mat was made from recylced old tee shirts.
You create strips by cutting in a circle from the bottom to the arms of the tee shirt and knit into a rug.
You can find the pattern in the book AlterKnits by Leigh Radford

I knit this rug two years ago and use it all the time.  It goes through the wash without any problems.  And it feels so good underfoot.

Environmental awareness is growing but it has taken a long time to get from 1970 to today in terms of general public awareness AND action.  Gasoline hit $4.05 at my local pump today!   People are starting to take notice because it is affecting their pocketbooks.  In the last six months the numbers of people who bring their own bags into stores for groceries has mushroomed.  It used to be just a few people.  I am guilty of taking too long to convert my ways. I always meant to bring the bags to the grocery store but somehow would forget - now the cloth bags are in the back seat of the car.  The other day a carrier bag from Target arrived in our Vanity Fair magazine - it is lightweight and tucks into my pocket book nicely - no excuses now!   And how about buying one water bottle and refilling.


"If you are stopped for more than 10, turn it off and on again"
Two students from Wilton, Connecticut
I cannot remember their names, sorry.

The children and young adults are so enthusiastic about the environment - I believe that they are going to be the force of change.  I see it around me everyday. They are doing a great job of educating their parents and elders.  

Unofficial Earth Day flag by John McConnell, who introduced the idea of a holiday to celebrate the environment, to be called Earth Day,  at a Unesco Conference in 1969


Margaret said...


Hoorah for Earth Day! I ventured in to the Wilton Library on Sunday and was the lucky recipient of 2 green cloth grocery bags sponsored by Millstone Farms, the Library and The Village Market----now I'm up to 4 bags! Like you, they live in my car; I hate it when I forget to bring them into the store! We've been having such glorious Spring. What a lovely welcome for Earth Day. Love your blog--will be looking for your clothes line! Peggy

pve design said...

This week has been so amazing that perhaps then Earth is taking note of everyone doing their part. Love this post as a creative reminder to live simply!
Love fresh laundry from the line!
Also, love hand-me-downs too.