Monday, April 28, 2008

new spring line of frames
remember from prior posts - the new-fangled picture frame
simply slip the photo between fabric and ribbon
easy to change the picture
no fuss, no muss

bellbottoms by jennifer paganelli 

a pretty splash of madras

pretty assortment of pastel colors 
front: circle bloosoms
middle: juicy & geo pink /yellow 
back: lifesavers

summer strawberries 
  l: new pink houndstooth; r: pink decals

casey scroll in an assortment of luscious colors from jennifer pagnelli
lime, pink, ocean, blue, brown, olive green, white/black

close-up of casey scroll 

lax on navy seersucker check; 
lax on pink check;
lax on pink linen
lax on blue chambray
close-up of lax

lobstah on navy seersucker check 
lobstah on blue chambray

sweet tea cups by kokko for mother, nana, favorite aunt or teacher

pucci inspired fun

why not buy one?
e-mail me or
 sea beans in wilton, ct
all she wrote, in chicago, illinois,
fuchsia frog in birmingham, michigan

any other stores that you think i should be in - do tell!


Jennifer Paganelli said...

I have ESPN!!! Wasn't that a line from friends???? Anyway these are so gorgeous...I've been meaning to put you on my blog role so now is my love,love....Jennifer

Tickled Pink & Green said...

Love your frames! Especially the madras. Do you know how much they are going for in the stores? And what size are they?

My neighbor across the street is named Marnie!

Marnie said...

Hi tickled pink & green - So glad you liked the frames - they hold a 4 x 6 photo and are $34 plus shipping thru my studio and a little more in the stores - write to me off-line if you are interested in purchasing any. So funny that you neighbor is called Marnie - I have not met too many other Marnies

Maddie said...

Totally adorable frames!!! I'm in love with the madras. Please let me know when your etsy shop is up and running.

pve design said...

These are gorgeous and really well made as I have seen them! An easy way to pop photos or notes in them and they are great gifts too! Marnie- you are really doing great with this blog, I am so impressed!

Marnie said...

thanks mrs pve for the compliments and encouragement - can't wait to add your artwork! talk to you soon offline. m