Thursday, April 10, 2008

Yes, I know I need to work on better photography.

Now it's time for me to present my new-fangled picture frames.  I just love the word new-fangled.   Remember that advertisement about the new-fangled _______ (fill in the blank...hint, hint, double clue - it is a food product and the ad first appeared years and years ago)  First person with the answer gets a frame.

New-fangled picture frame, why?  No glass, no fuss, no muss - simply slip the photograph between the fabric and ribbon.  The frames are unique to me - I started making them about 10 years ago - people love them because they are so different and it is so easy to change the picture.  They were a natural outgrowth of the memento boards that I also make. 

Pictured above are my latest frames - personalized with monograms - for graduation - initials of school with year, for mother or father, or simply initials. I will have some madras with initials too.  These are already a big hit.  The rest of my spring line is in production.  Check back for the fabric swatches.

Originally each frame rested on a brass easel - but last year I added the black suede easel back - which has made a HUGE difference - now I can sell wholesale with much more ease and the frames are now "real" frames. 

The best part for me is the selection of ribbons and fabrics each season - I love fabrics by Jennifer Paganelli, Heather Bailey, Yuwa, Anna Griffin, Jessica Jones, Heather Ross, Anna Maria Horner, Amy Butler... check out some of their designs below

      Sis Boom Fabrics     

Michael Miller, Amy Butler

Alex Henry, Michael Miller & Heather Bailey

Last mention of the night - Polly thanks for the lovely birthday flowers xo m


Robin said...

A) *Love* the grape hycinths, one of my favorite spring flowers. I grew some in a glass hurricane this year (kept them from falling over and kept the cats from mowing them down.

B) *Love* the frames! Such gorgeous fabrics. Can't wait til you open your Etsy shop!

Marnie said...

Robin - thanks a million for your comments - what a week - glad you like frames - new spring fabrics coming soon - an etsy shop is on my to do list for next week! marnie

pve design said...

Thrilled that you now have a post to share and showcase your unique frames along with other items. My Grape Hyacinths are finally emerging to give hope! Hope Springs eternal.
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