Saturday, April 12, 2008

Memento boards, inspiration boards, this is your life boards... whatever you call them, they are a great way to stay organized.  So much better than a plain cork board.  

Above is our family's board and below the command station with wall calendar.  If it is not marked or posted on the board or calendar, it doesn't happen!

This is my daughter's board - YIKES - definitely a "this is my life" board - not an inch of the terrific Sea Cloth fabric is visible on the board.  But you can see the Sea Cloth fabrics on the duvet covers, curtains, and window seat - also the frame on the night stand .  

I have used Sea Cloth fabric often in my work - people love it - the designs are bright, bold, cheerful and fresh.  Lots of positive energy.   I have a brisk custom order business from designers and decorators, including Rinfret, Ltd and Michael Whalley, both of whom have been featured in national publications.

Below is a memento board that I just made for the annual auction at my daughter's school - sans stuff - oh so pretty - and below that are some picture frames also in Sea Cloth - 

I sell my frames and memento boards to several stores and at charitable fundraising boutiques for schools and organizations or directly to individuals and designers.  I hope to have my ETSY shop up in the next week or so.  Here are some of the other places where you can find my frames and memento boards:  Sea Beans Studio in Wilton, Connecticut, All She Wrote in Chicago, Illinois, and The Fuchsia Frog  in Birmingham, Michigan.  
Take a look at the Sea Cloth web site.  They have a beautiful store in Greenwich, Connecticut, as does Rinfret, Ltd.

Contact me if are interested in custom work - I can send the pieces anywhere... e-mail contact info is available on this blog.


littlebyRD said...

Pretty Pretty! I love the frames and boards. And you're right - so much better than plain old cork.

Diana said...

LOVE your exposed brick walls!!