Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It was serendipity...the Women Entrepreneur Event was over, it was almost dark, the wind was sharp off the lake, and I was waiting under the hotel awning and heat lights for a cab when I started speaking with a lovely young woman from Minnesota, Kera Ortberg Wydman.  She noticed my picture frames, which I will share with you tomorrow, and noticed my pitch the product badge (yes, I know that you are thinking - ok move on) - we got to talking and I learned all about Kera's candles pictured here.

Kera, a California native, started making these 100% soy based wax candles as a creative outlet while her children were young and she was trying to survive the long, midwestern winters. Kera uses wine bottles that are "headed for the recycle bin or worse, the trash" as the base container for the candle - "turning what someone might deem trash into an elegant gift".  This green factor is a big part of their appeal. , Kera started giving them as presents (just like Caroline from Pour-A-Pie).  Inevitably, the candles became a dinner party conversation and other guests or friends would place orders.  A couple of the candle scents are red currant and fig and lemon verbena.  The best part is that Kera keeps the label - she will also do custom orders for particular bottles to commemorate a memorable event - SOY VEY. 

Kera's website is coming soon:

In the meantime you can purchase them directly from Kera (  She also sells to several stores; try The Porch & Atelier (763) 684-1254 in Buffalo, Minnesota.

So, just when I thought the day was over, I met another great lady...we have been connecting since...Kera you should pitch your product next year! 


Robin said...

Beautiful candles, can't wait til her site is up! What great gift.

littlebyRD said...

Very pretty candles! Sounds like a really cool event to attend. I love Country Living magazine so I am sure it was fantastic. Looking forward to reading more entries on your blog!

pve design said...

Wow, must be fun to drink all those beverages to make those candles! Ha.
No, I know she must get them empty.
I will never look at an empty bottle the same way.
Great post!