Thursday, May 29, 2008

Eagle Eye

Ready to pounce

Where did that critter go?

I'll get you my pretty

Sunday morning - middle of the long weekend - I expected to enjoy a nice long sleep... Nope.

Sneezing attack. Then Libby, the sometimes darling pooch, whined at the edge of the bed, on my side of course.  She was relentless.   So I went through the drill - let Libby out, got her food ready, opened the curtains, movement, fur, a wild critter, yup, in the Living Room, on the window ledge!  I am not generally a crazy screaming type; this proved to be the exception.  
Back track a day; Saturday, while I was working in the studio, aka garage, I left the doors open so Libby could go in and out at will. We do this regularly, usually without incident. DH arrived back home and was working quietly when he heard Libby chasing something madly around the upstairs. Checking the scene he was met with a chipmunk racing down the stairs and Libby close at its tail.  Snatching Libby to avoid what most definitely would have been an awful bloody mess (but from Libby's perspective would have been a glorious conquest), DH barricaded Libby in a bedroom and began the hunt for the speed-racing chipmunk.  With all the doors open we figured the little guy found its way out of the house - nope, he cowered in some dark corner and successfully hid for another 12 hours.

The funny thing was, that very day I read an entry from a newly discovered blog, Ann Leary, a writer who happens to be very funny, and her post was coincidently about the very thing I just described - wild animal in house - but so much more entertaining.  Start the day with a laugh or smile and read:  Ann Leary: May 23, 2008.

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