Thursday, May 15, 2008

ooh la la   
check out the new illustration for my blog
I am so excited.  I just love it.
The illustration was done by pve design

I read about Patricia last September 1oth, to be exact.
Check out the interview on All The Best.
I knew that I recognized the artistic style,
but I could not place it.
I immediately checked out her website and was intrigued by the Vermeer-like photograph.
As I read, I had my ah ha moment:
all those cards that I saved over the years from J McLaughlin
were painted by Patricia.
Soon I contacted Patricia and told her how much I liked her work 
and that I had a collection of her J McLaughlin artwork. 
I especially liked the Christmas card with the big, red, puffy couch.  
I wanted to commission her to design a mailer for my business, 
but I had a busy show season ahead and would wait until the new year.
Not many days later I participated in a boutique show at the Hackley School and noticed another boutique vender had PVE artwork as the logo for her shoe store, The Perfect Pair

what a strange coincidence - it was meant to be 
Patricia and I met at a lovely cafe in her town in January 
and talked and talked -
then I put together a folder of information that Patricia used to create 
this wonderful illustration & VOILA

My next project for the weekend is to figure out how to set the illustration
 into the blog header
I have already consulted All Things Bright and Beautiful
Felicity has wonderful tips for the novice blogger
but it is late and I must wait for another day


pve design said...

Thank-you for this post. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. It is a great way to connect the dots to a supportive and creative bunch. Everyday, I am overwhelmed to share my art, my talent with other individuals in pursuit of living a creative and artful life.
I wish you great success with your work and may it lead you to inspire others as well!
So nice getting to know you!

Kwana said...

How lovely is that illustration? As another fan of Patricia's this is a wonderful post.

Marnie said...

Patricia - I am so glad that we connected - congrats on all your success - I love your work - and cannot wait to get it posted properly - website next - and the card will be going out to designers/decorators soon. So Exciting - thanks for the beautiful work.

Anyone who is reading this - Patricia of pve design does beautiful work as you can see - call her to do something special for you - whether it is a house portrait, an invitation, a illustration for your book, article, business - she can do it!

best, marnie

Nantucket Mermaid said...

Love it!Save your illustration by right clicking to "save picture as" It will go to your picture file....Then go to your blog and click on "layout"...then go to "header" then go to "browse" and "my pictures"...find the illustration and open it and it should go into your header unless you have to re size it. I use adobe photo shop for that.I hope it works...I'm going to test my instructions right now....xo

Marie Louise said...

Wow - great illustration - PVE is very talented! Are you going to make it your heading pic?

Marnie said...

Jeanne - thanks for the tips on the header - as you can see I was successful - what would i do without the help of blogging friends. You are the second person to mention the similarity to the Eloise illustrations.

Kwana and Marie-Louise - thanks for taking a peek - the illustrations are just perfect.

littlebyRD said...

Love how your blog header looks! And the story about how you had seen and collected her other illustrations is just so cool....

Robin said...

Marnie your new header suits you to a "T"! Lucky girl!