Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Inspiration comes from unexpected places - take this coffee cup for example.
It was painted by a Jeanne van Etten. 
I first saw Jeanne's work in Boston at a shop called La Ruche, 
owned by Apple Bartlett, daughter of Sister Parish.
My sister Betsy sold her work in this shop too.

I love to drink my tea and coffee from this cup.
The waves of color, dots and stripes inspired me. 
Soon it became a good luck mug - couldn't create without a cup of tea from this cup.

I remember vividly - a two room studio on Charles Street, five floors up, in a pre-civil war building, yes that's right, and a walk-up too, but it had five windows and two fireplaces, the rent was $325 in 1990, can you believe it.  We tried to keep it when we moved to Connecticut by subletting it - but we were found out ... so a memory... I still have a few pictures somewhere... I painted boxes and flower pots at that time - (I had a real job too and still do) - you should have seen the place when I was in full production-line mode.  I couldn't paint without a mug of tea in this fun Jeanne van Etten cup.

Later I bought more cups.  We use them every day. 

Cups that lost their handles become receptacles for pencils, pens, scissors etc.

I would see Jeanne at shows around Connecticut and would always buy more coffee cups and other stuff - look at this fun knife holder

My daughter and I loved our annual pilgrimage to Jeanne's studio in 
New Preston, Connecticut - we would buy a special cup for Isabel's teacher 
and something else for our house. 
Jeanne lives in Nantucket now - you can see her work on

Thanks for all the inspiration Jeanne 
I need more coffee cups!


pve design said...

Lovely work, makes me wish I were living on Nantucket or a mermaid! It has a whimsical fresh vibe! Pour me a cup!

karey m. said...

that knife holder? lovie love love!

{and i got married on nantucket! perhaps a trip back to see this artist in person is in order...}

Fifi Flowers said...

Nice to see you got the banner designed by pve on top of your blog... looks great!