Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Inspiration from my sister Betsy; 
she is the painter in the family.

My mornings are not complete without my coffee and The New York Times
so my sister Betsy painted me this good morning vignette.

and look at the perfect perch
tucked into the corner above the stairs
just waiting to say "good morning" every day
When Betsy was a new mother, she started painting and selling picture frames with her pen and ink sketches on the mats.  She sold to several stores in Boston, one being Apple Bartlett's store, La Ruche, on Newbury Street.  I was living in NYC then and thought she could sell in NYC too.  It is sometimes hard for an artist to market their own work, so I decided to walk up and down Madison Avenue one Saturday about 25 years ago pitching Betsy's work.  The Gazebo, on Madison Avenue, bought some frames - it was exciting. Betsy sold her work there for several years until the store closed. Betsy is still painting and working as a decorator.  I did not realize it at the time, but that day on Madison Avenue, pitching to stores, was the seed for my own entrepreneurial ventures.  It was just a matter of time before I started taking decorative painting classes at the Decorative Painting Studio, operated by Ina Marx.  I wanted a business that I could operate from home while being a mother.  And so MRR DESIGN was born in 1990.   
Take a look at Betsy's artwork on Betsy Powers Artwork
and Betsy's design work on http://betsypowers.com


littlebyRD said...

great story! I love hearing how people got started with their craft.

pve design said...

Your mother must have been very special, so much talent and great work ethic in you and your sister!