Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Remember all those burlap bags blowing in the wind on my clothesline?  Back on April 24th.  I promised to show what was in the works and here it is: a memento board for the environmentalist, college student, or wheat germ/cave-man-shoe individual - I happen to eat wheat germ on my home-made yogurt every morning and wear the "cave-man shoes" because I my feet hurt a lot - so I don't feel like I am making fun of anyone with those descriptions. Anyway, I have a brisk custom order business from interior designers and decorators and individuals for decorative memento boards (fancy description for bulletin board).  Usually the fabric is a bit more genteel!   More of those pics to follow later in week.   

back to the burlap
an artistic blog friend pointed out early in the life of this blog, that my pics could do with a better background - I wholeheartedly agreed and took note mrs pve
one day I was reading design*sponge and took note of her comment about burlap as a good background to photograph against because of its nubby texture
Since design*sponge is right on the mark regarding all things decorative, I took her word and went out to find burlap - 
Earth day was on my mind and has I trolled around the internet looking for burlap I came upon this great source of used coffee bean bags and immediately ordered a dozen.
I was like a little kid when they arrived - the smell, the texture, and there were even coffee beans at the bottom of the bags.
I was ready to create my photo stage and the light bulb went off - 
I could cut up the sacs and create a whole new look for my boards
and maybe attract a new set of consumers
here's the pitch:
each time you check out your to-do board or your this-is-my-life board you will be reminded to REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE
see above the burlap does look good as the stage 
check out the other photos on april 28th and you can see the burlap effects


pve design said...

Wow, you clever gal - like the look and more importantly the message.

Robin said...

Lovely, and I think they will appeal to those who prefer the country cottage/french farmhouse look over the Amy Butler etc fabrics, as well as those who are "all green, all the time". What wonderful inpirations the blog world has brought you!

littlebyRD said...

I love these! They turned out great!