Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Have you ever wondered about the google doodles?

Little bursts of creativity that just pop up occasionally on Google's homepage
It's like a surprise treat!  

On May 22nd Google announced the winners of their google doodle contest
eligible contestants were K-12 students in the US
contest guidelines: "imagine their own version of the google logo, 
inspired by the theme "What if?" 

The winning doodle is pictured above
Titled: "Up in the Clouds" by Grace Moon of Canyon Middle School, California
Congratulations Grace!

Check out the google doodle link to see many more creative interpretations of
"What If"


pve design said...

Oh, that is great! I wish I was a K-12 grader so I could enter, on 2nd thought, I am very happy right here, right now, googling over these talented young things!

karey m. said...

hey...where are your boards for sale? all of them? let me know! i can't stop thinking about your work...

Marnie said...

hi karey - I sell the boards at a local store in Wilton, CT and directly from my studio aka garage - one of these days I will finish setting up the Etsy shop - you just may be my motivation to get the shop up this week. I have a few more boards in my post today and more coming in the next few day - glad you like them thanks for the compliment