Thursday, May 22, 2008

Last year blue and brown was hot
now we see green and brown sprouting everywhere
the green movement maybe
or just because they look good together

start in the natural world
what works there, works everywhere

then move to the shelter magazines

then to the blogosphere

My Notting Hill was the Washington Post's "pick to click of the week"
according to their blog watch on May 16th -
for her post on green and brown

This picture is lifted from My Notting Hill's blog (with permission)
It is a photograph from Living etc June 2007 - Wallpaper by Cole & Son
look at everything happening here - I especially love the shocking pink

Craig Henson's room at the Washington DC designer showhouse

Another picture from My Notting Hill
Traditional home 2005


My Notting Hill said...

Thanks! Can never get tired of looking at brown and green.

pve design said...

I stalked My Notting Hill for days just having to go back and look at all that chocolate and lime - two of my favorite flavors, combined in a chic way.