Friday, March 20, 2009

Check out one of the new spring 2009 fabrics.

 I just love these mermaids by Heather Ross.
In fact, I love all of Heather's fabrics.  
Whimsical, happy and fresh.
She has a great blog too.

This will be her last fabric collection for awhile 
because of a non-compete clause in a contract with a clothing manufacturer.

Read about Heather Ross here 

Here is another fun fabric

We actually brought a goldfish home in a plastic bag from a fair
and IT SURVIVED for almost a year.
Goldie was it's name, of course.

Remember last week when I posted about the Squam Art Camps
and I told you that we used to go there each summer for a glorious week.

Photo in the frame is from RDC
all the kiddies are going out to Loon Island for a picnic
in Mabel, the boat.

such wonderful memories


pve design said...

Did you know that you can catch more by fishing than hunting? Love those goldfish - especially the ones that last more than a few days - whereby we have to have a ceremony and a proper burial. It just messes with my emotions.

Debra said...

I love that goldfish fabric-a know of a sourse for delightful fabric- maybe you already know. May I email you?

Sabina said...

Hi Marnie,

I received my wonderful little frame - via pve design - and I just love it!! Look for a special post about it at "barefoot in the orchard" on Monday!!

Take care,
Sabina ~

pve design said...

sabina posted her mrr design frame!
I see she was here to tell you so, just wanted to make sure that you saw it too.